The Successful Goddess Blueprint

~ From Getting the Love You Deserve, to Getting Paid What You're Worth
~ A Suite of Coaching Courses to Turn You Into an Empowered Goddess!
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A Brilliant Lifestyle is Your Birthright! Get the Love You Deserve ... Get Paid What You're Worth!

Give yourself permission and own your power to live a life of richness that you were meant to have! Your Inner Goddess needs freedom to birth miracles! Join us in our emergence of feminine grace, beauty and power! Watch the video below for a quick session on heeding the calling of your inner fire and going for unstoppable greatness! Connect with me to discuss your next move for the rich abundance you deserve in life, love and profession at: [email protected]


Empowerment Coaching Programs

Successful Goddess Blueprint - 10 Step Personal Power Course

When was the last time you felt like you were loved, cherished and listened to?  As women, we forget that we need nurturing and we go far too long without the deep level of care that we need. 

If you're tired of accepting less than you deserve, then this is for you.  Learn the secrets to become your highest level "Self" and begin living an amazing life, bringing in the love and even the profession that will satisfy you at the deepest level. 

From getting the love you deserve, to getting paid what you're worth ... heed the calling of your inner fire!   

Let's set up a discovery session on the phone to see if I can give you the help you need to discover your next best move.   Email me at [email protected] and we'll set up a time to talk.


Yoga Crash and Learn Course for Busy People

The Secret To Making Yoga Work for You!
I heard your cries for what you need ... so I created this course for YOU! 

These casual, no stress videos that I made in my own home are for busy people who want to learn and experience the best of what Yoga can give them in the shortest amount of time so that yoga easily becomes a Daily Practice in your own home, too!  No Strain, No Guesswork, Just Pure Benefit!

You Get Five Easy to Follow Yoga Videos Targeted to Different Areas of the Body for Effective Results, Plus 3 Bonuses!


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The Goddess Blueprint Coaching Membership

A Group Coaching Membership like no other!   Live weekly coaching with a vast video library makes this one of the best group coaching sites, all at a super low membership fee for long-term accessibility.

This is for you if you want to get powerful again after setbacks, bad relationships, or just life beating you down.

Get energy infusions in the ways that make all the difference; Physical Strength, Mental Mastery and Connecting to Your Highest Power for Divine Guidance, along with Weekly Live Group Coaching where you can get the help needed.

Join us for a powerful transition to new beginnings! 

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"Giselle came into my life in 2011 and continues to support and inspire me. My life changed in ways I could have never imagined. I'm grateful that The Universe brought Giselle to me!"

Sandi McKenna
Grow Yoga, Sonoma, CA

"I was fascinated by Giselle’s approach to teaching and her training courses. With her guidance, I progressed and changed my life. She was able to bring out the light in me that was always there, but had been shrouded by trauma, pain and insecurity. Those who have been and will be touched by her wisdom and light are blessed. I will be forever grateful to and for Giselle. "

Beatrice Corvitto
Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

"Giselle is a very passionate, enthusiastic teacher/coach. She has a wealth of experience and information to share, and then some. I'm excited about taking all this knowledge to the next level of growth in my daily life."

Sonia Conneen
Morton, PA

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